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Volunteer Guidelines During Covid-19

Volunteering Details:

UPDATED January 2022

• Volunteering is only by means of the online signup. No walk-in volunteers or visitors will be permitted.

New volunteers, please register to access the weekly signup links. Join our Army at Registration Link

• Stay home if you have been sick or had the flu in the past 10 days.

• You agree to use the personal protection protocols put in place at NCG Including: -using proper hand-washing procedures.

wearing of a personal face mask and/or face shield is required while working in the plant. NCG will provide them, but bring your own if possible.

• Maintaining physical distancing where possible .

NCG Details:

• All work areas, tools, equipment, and fellowship room will be sanitized after every shift.

• All protective equipment will be sanitized after every shift.

• All cups, creamers, milk, sugars, etc. will be single use and disposable.

• Our managers will keep you informed and ensure protocols are followed daily.

Thank-you for your understanding and co-operation during this time.

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