STRAWBERRY SOCIAL JULY 4, 2-4 PM | Niagara Christian Gleaners


Young & old are invited to the Gleaners facility to enjoy a refreshing treat. Staff & committee members will be there to give updates and smiles. To maintain social distancing guests will enter through a side door, be served a dish of strawberries & ice cream and exit through the front door. Since the April dinners and strawberry social had to be postponed this event will be an opportunity to give a donation so that we can continue to meet our expenses. The dehydrators are operating almost non-stop to keep up with the increasing demands of food worldwide. Our God has abundantly blessed the Gleaners with many food donators along with a joyful army of volunteers who are all eager to serve. Every effort will be made to accommodate Health Canada guidelines. Please refrain from attending if you are ill, if you have tested positive for Covid virus or been in contact with someone who has tested positive, and if you’ve been out of Canada in the past couple of weeks.

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